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Companies use their own advantages, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and actively develop new products, product diversification, from white household appliances electronic controller gradually extended to smart home, air quality testing and purification control, energy-saving appliances control, information appliances.
Production management
Formulation of each product's production technology standard hours, management
Visual management
Grasp enterprise information to achieve management transparency visualization
Fixture Management
For production ,Improve product quality, extend service life
Production traceability
One thing a yard, to achieve all aspects of product quality information traceability
Process quality control
Feed Inspection IQC, Process Inspection PQC, End Inspection FQC
Research management
In strict accordance with ISO9001: 2015 quality management system
Talent management
Build an elite team for R & D and production in the smart controller
Safety management
Safety education, every employee must have safety awareness at all times
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We are based on intelligent controllers, high-voltage power supply technology research and development as the mainstay, production and sales-oriented high-tech enterprises, the industry is excellent controller, purifier high-voltage power suppliers.

Company to technological innovation as the core competitiveness, perseverance, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of smart controllers, smart home, energy saving equipment controller, air purifier high-voltage power supply and other areas of product development, promotion and application
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